Tilt-Up Concrete

Tilt-Up Concrete

Tilt-up is the advanced construction method for low to mid-rise structures. Load-bearing concrete wall panels are cast horizontally on site and then tilted up into position.

Tilt-up offers your project the following:

Fast Track Delivery: Tilt-up lends itself to your design-build project. Earlier occupancy results will form earlier access for trades, assembly line prefabrication, and the universal availability of ready-mixed concrete.

Cost Containment: In-place material costs are more competitive than precast, masonry, or steel structures. Tilt-up will prevent expensive vertical forming and scaffolding.

Safety: Most work is done on the ground and since the floor slab is poured first, workers are given a safer working surface.

Architectural Aesthetics: You can take pride in your tilt-up structure. The choices of colors and textures are unlimited.

Durability: Ready-mixed concrete gives your project proven durability. Tilt-up buildings erected in the 1940s show little sign of wear. Concrete offers the fire and pest resistance your project demands. Tilt-up gets it in place.

  • Concrete Forms
  • Cast in Place
  • Pre-cast / Pre-stressed Concrete

Some Facts About Tilt-Up Concrete

  • The tilt-Up construction techniques at LeLack Construction often have a lower per-square-foot cost than alternative approaches as building sizes get larger. This is because economies of scale allow for higher efficiency to be achieved.
  • Since Tilt-Up panels can be easily manufactured on-site using readily available materials and workforce, we have better control over the project completion timeframes. Alternative approaches that need the use of rarer or more expensive components or greater levels of expertise from workers typically have longer construction timeframes and cost more.
  • Tilt-Up concrete panels allow for rapid construction, which expedites weatherproofing and enclosing new buildings. As soon as buildings are enclosed, employees and their equipment are protected from the weather.
  • Being "in the dry" as soon as possible is a golden guideline for any work, and Tilt-Up makes it a reality much more quickly.

Where You Can Use Tilt-Up Concrete Installations

Large-scale warehouse and distribution facilities are typical applications, although it may be utilized elsewhere. Tilt-Up concrete is a viable alternative to:

  • Masonry construction
  • Wood-frame constructions that can be significantly labor intensive
  • Steel beam construction works is best suited for high rises as it is quite costly
  • Pre-fabricated steel framework construction has certain design limitations but is an economical solution

Tilt-Up Concrete Project Site Surveying

If you need to know whether tilt-up concrete solutions are suitable for your project, we will need specific details from you. Our team will have to visit your site and assess the space and the planned structure’s location before discussing the possibility of using tilt-up concrete in your project.

For more details about LeLack Construction’s tilt-up concrete services and how the installations work, please call us at 954-688-4577 and speak with our knowledgeable team. You can also fill out this form to Request A Quote from LeLack Construction, and we will call you back to get more details about your project. Please click here for information regarding the Zip Codes and Cities our company services.

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