Kitchen Remodels in Deerfield Beach, FL

Kitchen Remodels, Deerfield Beach, FL

A kitchen remodel done right is one of the best home improvements for transforming how you use your space. The proper layout and design allow you to cook, dine, and live better. At LeLack Construction, we specialize in total kitchen remodels in Deerfield Beach, FL, that make this important room as functional and beautiful as you've always envisioned.

Our kitchen remodeling services start with an in-depth consultation where we learn your needs, cooking habits, aesthetic tastes, and problem areas needing improvement. Then, our team creates a fully customized kitchen design, maximizing storage, functionality, and your unique style. From demolishing old kitchens to installing new layouts and everything in between, our kitchen remodels are complete, full-service renovations.

Comprehensive Services for Total Kitchen Remodels

We are systematic in our approach to all our projects, and our kitchen remodeling process includes the following:

  • Demolition of Old Kitchen - We begin by demolishing and removing the existing kitchen, including cabinetry, countertops, appliances, sinks, flooring, and walls. Proper disposal of waste is handled through onsite separation and dumpster rentals. We take care to contain dust and debris during demolition.

  • Kitchen Layout Changes - We modify and improve the kitchen footprint and layout based on your needs. This may involve adjusting or moving walls, doorways, plumbing, gas lines, electrical, and ductwork to create a better workflow. Optimizing triangles between the sink, stove, fridge, and prep areas streamlines cooking.

  • New Cabinetry Installation - We install fresh, new cabinetry using quality frameless or framed cabinet constructions. Meticulous attention ensures cabinets are aligned, securely mounted to studs, and have no gaps between units. Interior fittings organize storage with solutions like custom shelves, tiered drawers, spice organizers, etc.

  • Countertop Integration - We fabricate and install new countertops using premier materials like quartz, granite, and solid surfacing professionally cut and edged. Proper support, overhangs, and perfect seaming create durable, seamless countertops.

  • Drywall, Trim, Molding - Any drywall modifications receive proper finishing with smooth walls and blemish-free paint or texture. New wood trim and crown moldings dress up the kitchen.

  • Systems Upgrades - We upgrade lighting, electrical outlets, switches, and plumbing lines as needed to meet the code and your kitchen's functionality. New under-cabinet lighting illuminates’ tasks.

  • Flooring Replacement - New wood, tile, vinyl, or laminate floors replace outdated floors. New flooring flows seamlessly from the kitchen into adjacent rooms.

  • Finishing Touches - The kitchen receives final touches like caulking gaps, installing accessories like shelves, and thorough cleanup, leaving it ready to use.

Our comprehensive process turns the kitchen into a contemporary, organized, and eye-catching showpiece.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Solutions

We always offer unique solutions to align with client needs. Our designers work closely with each homeowner to create customized kitchen designs matching your cooking style, storage needs, tastes, and budget. We help select cabinetry with storage solutions like pull-outs, drawers, and specialty organizers to keep items easily accessible.

Our countertop experts ensure the surfaces complement your cabinetry and floors while providing ergonomic height and durability. Each decision contributes toward a kitchen tailored uniquely for you. Your kitchen remodel should result in more than just a pretty space - it should allow you to live better daily.

Our designs enhance how you cook, socialize, entertain, and maintain your kitchen through innovative layouts and material selections. We create kitchens you're proud to use for preparing everyday meals and hosting gatherings with family and friends.

For the best kitchen and bathroom remodels in Deerfield Beach, FL, call LeLack Construction at 954-688-4577 or email us through this Online Form. To request a quote, please use this form. We can also schedule an onsite consultation to discuss your project.

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