Project Management

Project Management

Quality project management is fundamental to every successful construction project. LeLack Construction vows to employ only the strongest group of veteran project managers. These professionals provide real-world solutions to the challenges and opportunities construction projects present. From concept to final closeout, the LeLack Construction’s project managers supervise and coordinate each project to eliminate complex issues and unnecessary change orders.  Our project manager’s expertise extends to every phase of the project lifecycle. These professionals hold technical and administrative specializations in:

  • CPM scheduling
  • Value Engineering
  • Estimating
  • Inspection 
  • Contract Administration
  • Cost Control
  • Project Development
  • Project Close-out & Punch List

By allowing the team to utilize the very latest in technological and process-driven project administration advances, we have the ability to complete projects faster, more efficiently, and with little or no surprises. At every stage of construction, LeLack Construction’s project managers proficiently facilitate successful projects that are better in reality than they were in concept.

The likelihood that a construction project will be completed on schedule, within budget, and without monetary or legal difficulties increases when owners engage competent construction project management professionals. Construction project management is a field of expertise that oversees all phases of a building or infrastructure project from conception to completion. LeLack Construction applies methodologies from the project management discipline.

The goals of our construction management are to maximize best business practices, wise management decision-making, and transparent and efficient project controls and monitoring. In contrast, project supervision services adapt to the project's changing needs.

Project Management for Timely Project Completion

Regarding potential difficulties that might severely delay the project and waste money, construction management is crucial for large-scale projects. The construction manager evaluates every design choice for possible financial and time-related consequences.

A construction project without a skilled management team is vulnerable to having its progress derailed by many unanticipated issues. When our project manager is involved in a project from the start, they can anticipate and prepare for any problems that may arise and save time and money.

Agile Management Processes

We can better establish accountability using project management techniques. When a construction management group is in charge, everyone knows who makes the final calls and the project's goals. To ensure that everyone in the project team knows their role and why it is necessary, the construction manager must direct their attention. Because of the construction manager's bird's-eye view, it becomes possible to mitigate new and potential hazards.

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