Post Tension

Post Tension

Concrete is a material that’s integral to any construction work; not only is it strong and durable, but is extremely versatile too. But the one downside is that it doesn’t have tensile strength; and if used by itself, it is a very inflexible material. This is why rebars are installed in the concrete when the structure is being set. These help limit the cracking of the concrete; but rebar only provides passive reinforcement and doesn’t bear any of the force or load till the point the concrete actually cracks.

And this is where concrete post-tensioning comes in. Unlike rebars, these systems provide active reinforcement. Post-tension construction is arguably the most demanding type of structural concrete work there is. The process is a tight integration of several trades from carpenters and laborers, to electricians, plumbers, iron workers, and finally finishers. This type of construction is widely used for parking structures and multi-level housing projects.

LeLack Construction works with all aspects of post-tension construction. Whether it is the footings and walls, or scaffolding and decking, we handle it all. Our company has been catering to customers in and around Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, as well as Deerfield Beach. We proudly serve clients across Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lake Worth, and Miami. We also have a very solid presence in Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, as well as the surrounding areas.

The Benefits of Post-Tensioning

There are a number of benefits to this process, such as:

  • Flexibility of design
  • Lower material costs
  • Faster construction program
  • In the long term, it can reduce your maintenance costs
  • Offers the potential for scaling up future loading
  • Sometimes, structures may be adapted for a different use in the future, and post-tensioning helps provide the support the structure needs

What the Post-Tensioning Assembly Includes

As part of the post tensioning process, the concrete structure is compressed in sections where the load on the feature causes tensile stress and post-tensioning tendons are used in the work. The post-tensioning assembly includes:

  • High-strength pre-stressing steel bars or strands
  • Protective ducting or sheathing
  • Corrosion-inhibiting coating or grout that surrounds the steel bar or strands
  • This grouting will also coat the anchorages that are required at both ends

The high-quality services, materials and workmanship we use in our work have made us the most sought-after post-tensioning contractors in the region. For any more information on our products or to discuss your project details, feel free to contact us at 954-688-4577. To send us these details via email please use this Contact Us form.

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