Concrete Forms

Concrete Forms Boca Raton, FL Concrete is an extremely resilient, heavy and long-lasting material. This material is brought to the construction site in a semi-liquid form, which is poured and allowed to set in the area and shape you want. Once it is cured, the concrete forms a base or wall for residential and commercial structures. Since the material is initially in a semi-solid state, concrete installers are able to expertly mold it into the shape and form they need for their project and this is where concrete forms come in.

We at LeLack Construction have been catering to customers in and around Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, as well as Deerfield Beach. We proudly serve clients across Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lake Worth, and Miami. Our expertise has allowed us to build a very solid presence in Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, as well as the surrounding areas.

What Are Concrete Forms?

As part of our comprehensive construction services, we also install concrete forms on construction sites. These are an integral part of all modern construction projects in which concrete is used. These forms are typically made of metal or wood and are carefully installed in the area where the concrete has to be poured. They are long sheets of different sizes that are installed to create a barrier of sorts that helps contain the semi-liquid, poured concrete.

The forms help shape the concrete as it cures. Border forms are removed once the concrete has hardened but in some instances, these features may be left in place in case they have become embedded in the surface of the concrete. This helps provide stability to the structures.

Types of Concrete Forms

Aside from metal and wood, there are a number of other materials that are now being used in concrete forms such as plastic, resin, and fiberglass. Another material that is now being widely used is insulated concrete forms. There are a number of benefits to using these forms such as:

  • They are an eco-friendly option as you get walls that are highly energy-efficient and sustainable.
  • They help in sound-proofing the structure
  • Fire retardant properties
  • They are also resistant to humidity, pests, and mold which helps keeps your building well-protected from these elements.
  • They are perfect for the Florida climate and provide excellent protection against severe weather conditions.

Custom Concrete Form Installation Services

With the extensive experience we have in the construction field and the dynamic approach we adopt toward our business, our company always stays in stride with all the developments that take place in the industry. If you have a requirement for any type of concrete form installation for your residential or commercial construction project, we are the company to call. Our experts will work very closely with you to understand what your specific requirements are and then provide solutions that are right in line with your needs.

The high-quality services, materials and workmanship we use in our work have made us the most sought-after construction company in the region. For any more information on our products or to discuss your project details, feel free to contact us at 954-688-4577. To send us these details via email please use this Contact Us form.

Concrete Forms

Concrete Forms Boca Raton, FL LeLack Construction is a self-driven, multi-dimensional construction corporation. Because we are developers/owners we understand the challenges owners and their representatives face every day.  The LeLack Construction Team views every project from the owner’s perspective.  We sit in this seat every day. The LeLack Construction Team has combined experience spanning 40 million square feet and over 50 years.

LeLack Construction has a comprehensive suite of in-house divisions. These in-house divisions ensure we control the process.  These divisions represent a stark departure from most companies in our industry that outsource or subcontract all of the core aspects of the completed construction project.  In areas outside of our in-house divisions, we utilize professional relationships and long-standing alliances in substantive disciplines, such as engineering, architecture, design and geotechnical.

LeLack Construction meets your needs at Every Stage of Construction.

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