LeLack Construction is among the region's most well-recognized companies and has helped architects, builders, and business proprietors realize their visions. By using state-of-the-art technology and the latest masonry products and supplies, we can make buildings stronger while maintaining their original appearance and scale, all while minimizing waste.

Customized Masonry Services

We provide owners, designers, and project stakeholders with precisely what they need when they require it. Our customized structural masonry services are truly exceptional in every way. We commit ourselves to realizing your ideas and providing you with high-caliber services completed on time and within your set financial and schedule parameters.

Whether you're a contractor or a homeowner, your satisfaction is our top priority. When it comes to building sustainably, we've got lots of expertise and knowledge to draw on. We are eager to participate in "green" construction projects using renewable and recyclable resources.

Our Work Process

We'll look through the plans with you and help you create a strategy for the project from scratch if necessary. By the time we start constructing, we hope you and your team have thoroughly understood the project's scope and processes.

The best business relationships are built on mutual trust and understanding, fostered via open communication and thorough training. All our employees have the necessary skills and experience to provide excellent outcomes. Our team offers meticulous project management on-site for every job without fail.

LeLack Construction has the know-how, resources, experience, and expertise to handle all your masonry requirements to industry standards. We are proud of our 50+ years of combined experience in the field, enabling us to provide our clients with top-notch solutions. Making sure our clients are happy is our number one priority. We promise to meet or exceed your expectations on your commercial or residential project, regardless of scope and size.

Masonry is one of the oldest, most established building techniques. Evolutions in materials, mixed designs, and engineering allow for the construction today of even stronger masonry buildings - structures that will last for generations.

Aesthetic Variety

Concrete masonry units are available in a rainbow of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes offering building designers the chance to create structural walls that are also beautiful.

Architectural concrete masonry units offer a natural appearance that is striking in urban applications and blends in with the natural beauty of rural areas. This process has the ability to complement the building’s surrounding environment.

Safety and Durability

When it comes to fire resistance, masonry is a true performer, offering excellent protection from fire damage. In fact, post-9/11 research performed on a building in close proximity to the World Trade Center showed that masonry absorbed much of the debris’ impact and helped save the structure from collapsing.


As with other concrete wall systems, masonry creates walls with high thermal mass by minimizing temperature swings and shifting heating and cooling loads to off-peak hours. The resulting buildings are therefore more economical by lowering overall heating and cooling costs, whilst providing a consistently comfortable atmosphere for its inhabitants. Masonry also offers durability as well as sound attenuation, which all add up to a more quiet, comfortable atmosphere.


Masonry lends itself to many commercial applications. The material has been used to create notable public buildings like churches, courthouses, and government offices. Educational structures, from elementary schools to Ivy League university facilities, can balance contemporary engineering with traditional design, offering myriad possibilities that will stand the test of time.

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