General Contracting Division

General Contracting Division

With LeLack Construction, clients get more than a superlative construction team. Our team of experts position themselves as an influential partner in the process. The general contracting division strives to turn a project inside out in order to maximize the owner’s value and minimize exposure.

The LeLack Construction Team is well-versed in all aspects of the construction project’s life-cycle.

  • Fast Track
  • Value Engineering
  • Staging
  • Purchasing
  • Project Administration
  • Post-Tension
  • Project Management

Our dedicated network of subcontractors and consultants has proven to be a vital component for our success. We view subcontractors and vendors with an owner’s eye. Ability, experience, track record, longevity, employee tenure, and level of communication play in important role in choosing our associates.  At LeLack Construction, we start each project by assembling a team. Our promise is to always bring the most suited team to every stage of construction.

The many people involved in a structure's planning, design, finance, construction, and operation each have their unique view of project management in construction. The expertise of someone trained in a particular field can be invaluable, especially when dealing with complex or extensive tasks.

It helps to have a firm grasp on the big picture but knowing how individual pieces relate to one another is as essential. Lack of communication and coordination among professionals can lead to unnecessary expenditures, setbacks, and waste. Owners need assurance that these types of issues will not arise.

Competent General Contracting Team

As mentioned earlier, we at LeLack Construction always look at every project from the owner's viewpoint, and this is one of the many things that sets us apart from other companies in the sector. By taking the perspective of the building's owners rather than the traditional roles of professionals like planners, architects, engineering designers, builders, fabricators, fabricators, financial analysts, and others, we can examine the entire process of project management for built facilities.

However, these experts can better meet the owner's needs in terms of services, specialty marketing, and job output and quality, with us overseeing every aspect of the general contracting job. We focus on providing our clients with outstanding value, and you will notice the difference in our solutions from your first interaction with us. We take full ownership of various processes, project management, and more, so you never have to stress about delays, poor quality, or any issues cropping up.

For more information, you can fill in this form to Request A Quote from LeLack Construction, and one of our general contracting team members will call you for more details about your specific project. Alternatively, you can contact us and discuss your project requirements with our team at 954-688-4577. Please click here for information regarding the Zip Codes and Cities we service.

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