Construction Management Services

Construction Management Services

LeLack Construction is a professional, experienced construction company that offers a range of services to residential and commercial clients. We know that regardless of the project's scale and scope, construction management plays a crucial role in its success.

What Are Construction Management Services?

Construction management aims to help a project's owner(s) keep track of its budget, timeline, quality, safety, scale, and function. We can apply the practice of construction management to any project delivery. It doesn't matter what kind of construction site it is; a construction manager's primary duty is to the project's owner and completion.

When we handle any job for you, we assign a construction manager to work with you for the project's duration. This professional will work with you through all phases of your project, including pre-construction, construction, and post-construction, ensuring that all the stages progress seamlessly.

The Scope of Our Construction Manager’s Role

In addition to collaborating with you, the general contractor, the architect, and other stakeholders to establish project safety and security plans, they also develop a detailed schedule and budget and help you manage risk. Our construction managers (CMs) have the specialized education and experience to determine the optimal order of construction operations and create a comprehensive schedule and budget.

This necessitates using PIMs (project management information systems) and the application of intricate planning approaches, such as the critical path method, in addition to familiarity with various building practices. Our competent project managers adhere to industry best practices, ensuring successful project completion.

If you are planning a construction project, you will need a competent and experienced construction manager by your site to ensure that your interests are covered and that you get the value you expect. We create the best experiences for our clients, so they do not have to deal with stresses such as budgeting, scheduling, and more when their construction work is in progress.


Phase I - Preconstruction

  • Document Coordination
  • Prequalification of vendors and suppliers
  • Safety Program
  • Preliminary Schedule
  • Value Engineering
  • Budget Development

Phase II - Construction

  • Construction mobilization
  • Subcontractor Selection
  • Safety and security program
  • Construction Schedule
  • Cost control analysis
  • Change order review
  • Accounting and cash flow management

Phase III - Post Construction

  • Occupancy Certificates
  • Close out schedule
  • As built drawings and manuals
  • Warranty Manual
  • Start-up operating instructions
  • Close-out accounting

At LeLack Construction, our Construction Management Services division provides clients with solutions and the assurance of a well-run project that is among the safest in the industry. In mobilizing our construction management team on any project, we work closely with our clients to anticipate potential problems in an ever-changing workplace. LeLack Construction provides full-service solutions that fully recognize schedule and cost constraints.

LeLack Construction’s construction management team is renowned for optimizing our clients' investments through innovative, hands-on management throughout the construction process. We offer customized solutions with options available through general contracting, subcontractors, as well as a reliable network of experienced contractors and suppliers. LeLack Construction understands that larger and more complex projects require experts in overall management. We will always provide you with the best specialists in cost control, scheduling coordination, quality control, and the strongest safety policies and practices in the business.

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