Chinese Drywall Remediation

If you have found out that you have Chinese drywall the news can be quite devastating. These defective drywall products came in from China and were used widely in commercial and residential construction projects across the US. None of these products were run through stringent quality checks by the manufacturers and the walls tend to become contaminated over time. The only solution to this problem is to remove all the drywall structures in your home entirely.

The entire experience can be harrowing to say the least, and you need experts in the field top handle Chinese drywall remediation for you. LeLack Construction has been catering to customers in and around Boca Raton, Boynton Beach, as well as Deerfield Beach. We proudly serve clients across Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Lake Worth, and Miami. We also have a very solid presence in Pompano Beach, West Palm Beach, as well as the surrounding areas.

Drywall Remediating - The Process

While we can’t really negate the emotional & financial stress that owning a property with Chinese drywall causes, we can do our level best to remove every trace of this feature from your home or commercial establishment. We work diligently to help rebuild your home and bring it to a much better state than before. Here are some of the things we do and the process we follow:

  • The LeLack Construction team will consult and evaluate each home case by case.
  • They will obtain all documents needed to properly price the remediation job, locate storage for your property.
  • Provide assistance in locating living arrangements.
  • We will inspect the house and conduct an in-depth inspection of the amount of contaminated drywall in the residence.
  • Discuss the procedure and answer any questions you have.
  • As part of this consultation, we will provide you all the relevant information regarding insurance and the process involved in the drywall remediation work.
  • We will also guide you about the process you need to follow in order to check whether your insurance providers cover this problem.
  • Once the work is started, we remove every trace of the drywall as well as all the contaminated components, and then start over. These components could include wiring, plumbing and more; all of which were never supposed to be removed in this manner.
  • The necessary construction and repair work will be carried out methodically and your house will then be restored to a much better state than it was before the contamination.

Custom Chinese Drywall Remediation Services

We will not recommend any unnecessary work to be done and will outline all work in a contract at the outset. If you have any concerns please contact us for a free in home consultation.

The high-quality services, materials and workmanship we use in our work have made us the most sought-after Chinese Drywall remediation companies in the region. For any more information on our products or to discuss your project details, feel free to contact us at 954-688-4577. To send us these details via email please use this Contact Us form.

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